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We ride new Runner

Published: 12 August 2005’s Used Bikes Editor has just ridden the new Gilera Runner at its UK launch in London. Here’s what he thought of the scooter’s first major redesign since its launch in 1997.

“The old Runner is still a good scooter but it is starting to look a little dated. With the launch of the new style Runner Gilera has managed to keep the essence of the original Runner but given it much more of an edge.

“The styling is much more angular and sporty but at the same time gives you more room to get behind the fairing with the inside of the front being much more sculpted than the previous scooter's bulbous curves.

“And the sporty looks aren’t let down by the performance either. The new design has been released with three different engines (The SP50 two-stroke with carburettor, the PureJet 50 two-stroke with direct injection and the VX125 four-stroke) and all of them are pretty perky.

“The SP is a standard two-stroke scooter engine and it does suffer from a bit of lag when you twist the throttle, but when it gets up to revs it pulls really well for a 50. The PureJet on the other hand is still a two-stroke but it uses fuel injection to give a much broader spread of power and it pulls right from the word go making it much more fun to ride.

“The VX125 was the most at home on the city roads with the power to storm away from the lights and the agility to nip through the traffic combined with the ability to keep up with moving traffic on all but the fastest roads.”

The new style Runner will be on UK roads in September with SP going for £1899, the PJ for £2049 and the VX for £2499 including a year's breakdown recovery and free immobiliser.

If you don’t want to wait that long or you just fancy a deal, Gilera is currently offering 0% finance and free insurance on the last of the old style Runners.

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