Honda shows PS scooters

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Honda has revealed the details of two new scooters which feature the latest engine and emission technology

The PS125i and PS150i claim to have styling which “infuses a modern look of urban elegance into its curvaceous lines”.
What they definitely have is a choice of a 125cc or 150cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine, both of which are designed for easy starting, smooth performance, and to produce low exhaust emissions with Honda’s most advanced HECS3 system.
The automatic scooters both have the PGM-FI fuel injection which aims to improve economy, as well as giving low and miderange torque for getting away from the traffic lights. A linked rear brake improves stopping, as it engages the front brake at the same time.
There’s wide flat floorboards for leg room and weather protection, with a locking seat which can store a full-face helmet, and a rear carrying rack and passenger grab rails. Up front is a small recessed locking compartment along with a carrying hook.
Optional extras will include a windscreen, 35-litre top box, nylon inner bag, pillion backrest and clear urethane covers to protect the paint and plastic.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff