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MCN has ridden the government's new anti-speeding bike and found the way it robs the rider of control to be potentially lethal. That's why from this week we're calling on them to: SCRAP IT NOW!

MCN is calling on the government this week to scrap its plans for bikes that take control away from the rider in order to make breaking speed limits impossible.

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And we're calling on readers to get behind our campaign to abandon the fundamentally flawed idea after we rode a bike fitted with the technology last week and found it to be frightening, dangerous and a potential killer.

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Browse over 2000 product reviews: Click here. All you have to do to make your voice heard and support our campaign is click the link below to fill in the form and add your name to our petition. Only your name and email address are compulsory and are needed to ensure the validity of all the signatures.

We won't use the email address you put in here for any other reason.

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