MZ?s minimalist SFx

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MZ has released details of an impressive new bike that takes the 1000SF as a base and layers on the style.

The SFx is officially just a design study but it will almost certainly reach production by the end of the year.

The bike is based on the current 1000SF parallel twin but ditches the unusual styling of the SF for a more pared back aggressive look.

The bike was designed by Jens vom Brauck who joined the company a year ago and has already put his touch on the MIG 125 and SM125 Gangsta.

MZ says Vom Brauck’s objective was to: ‘Create an ageless design, independent from the zeitgeist by doing without fashion gimmicks, to display the mechanic parts, to demonstrate toughness and longevity.’

Read more about the new MZ in the January 18 edition of MCN.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff