French v-twin sports bike

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French firm Wakan has launched its first bike, the 1640, in both road and race versions.

The bike is a very minimal v-twin powered sports bike offering styling somewhere in between a Buell and a Ducati Monster.

It boasts a single spine frame, which is also used to carry the oil, wrapped around an S+S 1600cc motor putting out 115bhp and 115ftlb of torque while only weighing 177kg with oil and no fuel.

The road version comes with Monster style single-sided double exhaust while the race bike boasts a very nice looking single megaphone. Quality bikes for sale: Click here.

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Browse over 1800 product reviews: Click here. Bike designer Joel Domergue says he went for the v-twin engine because he wanted “a bike with character, not just an object, but an object with a soul” combined with “a mixture of visual minimalist past and feather-weight technological present” in the design.

Click here to view a video of the bike or here to view the full specs.

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