Harleys get new engine

An all new big twin engine for 2007, the Twin Cam 96/96B motor, will debut alongside active intake and exhaust systems for European and select internation models, and six-speed Cruiser drive transmission on all Touring, Softail and Dyna models.

The new motor has a nine per cent increase in displacement and around 19 per cent torque increase, along with changes for reliability, convenicence and smooth power. There are 700 new parts, including crankshafts, connecting rods, crack casses, and transmission. The Twin Cam 96 displaces 1584 cc, compared to the 1450cc of the Twin Cam 88 it replaces, with a 95.3mm cylinder bore, the same as the old model, and internal counterbalance shafts that quall 90 per cent of primary engine vibration.

And there's a new big-bore bolt-on kit for 1688cc, plus an improved oil pump, fuel injection and camshaft design. The reduced reciprical mass improves perfromance and reduces vibration, while the new crankcase makes Harleys easier to start.

The new active intake and exhaust system also increacing power, torque, and even sound quality, whilst meeting European noise and emission regulations, with exhaust and air intake valves opening in reponse to the Engine Control Module and throttle position sensor.

And the Cruise Drive six-speed transmission is optimised to match the torque of the new Twin Cam engines with a lower-ratio sixth gear to reduce top gear revs by 11 per cent to offer a more relaxed ride with second through to fourth gears getting heical cut teeth for quieter changing. Clutch effort is reduced, and service intervals have doubled.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff