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Honda's old Ape 100 might not be the obvious starting point if you’re making a road-legal MotoGP replica – but that’s exactly why Japanese tuner Kijima has opted to do just that.

The firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary by adding bespoke Honda RC211V-style fairings to the Ape – which is itself a minor classic in Japan alongside its more famous Monkey bike sibling.

The Ape under the new skin is absolutely stock, with all the effort being dedicated to creating the MotoGP look. The fairing is allied to an under-seat exhaust system to make sure it stays faithful to the RCV look.

Wanting to make the bike road legal without spoiling the fairing’s shape, the firm has added a pair of subtle projector beam headlights inside the air intake in the nose, while a pair of tiny mirrors keep the whole thing in scale.

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull