Honda E4-01 production likely

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Honda’s 2005 E4-01 concept bike is looking increasingly likely to become a production machine with the firm patenting several technical aspects of the design.

When the bike was first shown in Tokyo, the firm wouldn’t even reveal what sort of engine was fitted, but the new patents reveal that despite its scooter-style looks it’s got a 904cc three-cylinder engine that would be more at home in a superbike.

The motor’s twin cam, four-valve-per-cylinder design is right up there with current sportsbike thinking, and shows that when Honda referred to the E4-01 as an “Automatic Sportsbike” rather than a scooter, it was deadly serious.

Weighing in at under 200kg, the bike’s performance promises to be impressive, despite having scooter convenience thanks to a CVT gearbox and tourer-like luggage space under the seat.

Honda even has video proving the bike is a runner – see it on the Honda Japan website at:

Read more about the bike’s production potential in MCN, out April 11, 2007.

Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis