New V-Max - but not until 2009

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Yamaha’s next-generation V-Max concept looks set to go into production as a 2009 model.

This message – apparently sent to Yamaha dealers in America, where the firm’s cruisers go under the Star Motorcycles brand – has been circulated on the internet, and it appears to show the motorcycle still has a year of development ahead of it before being ready for production:

Dear Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer,

At both last year’s Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas and select Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows, a Star Motorcycles V-Max Concept model was shown to gauge consumer response and acceptance.

We are pleased to inform you that further development of this concept model will continue from our factory during the year ahead and be assured that we will do our best to keep you informed of its progress during this time.

Thank you and best wishes for continued success,

Bob Starr

General Manager, National Communications Motorsports Group Company

Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis