Video: FZ6 Fazer

Published: 24 January 2007

The original Fazer was a simple, but brilliantly successful idea. 

A detuned, carburated Thundercat engine held in a basic frame with budget suspension may not exactly ‘give wood’, but it was fun, practical and cheap in a way not seen since the original Suzuki Bandit. 

Trouble was, its 1994 successor, though quicker, hasn’t continued that sales success. Which is why there’s a new one for 2007.

That second-generation Fazer featured a detuned, fuel-injected R6 motor and R1 brakes. And although it proved to be fun, it was criticised for been too racy. 

The motor needed to be revved to get the most out of it and the original bike’s ease of use seemed to have been lost. 

To counter that, there has been a raft of changes for 2007. 

These include a slight restyle, tweaks to the handling (including a new swingarm) and modifications to the fuelling to boost the mid-range and rekindle the original’s ease of use. 

But has it worked? Does the new Fazer now have the best characteristics of the two old bikes? Is it the best of both worlds – easy to use, but still fun to ride? We decided to find out…

For the full road test write up as the 2007 Yamaha FZS600 Fazer goes up against the 2004 and 1998 models, check out this week’s MCN, available to buy from Wednesday, January 24,2007.