Stripped-back Suzuki M1800RN motorcycle revealed

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Suzuki is set to reveal its 2008 motorcycle range to dealers in America on Wednesday night, June 27,2007.

And this will be among the new bikes; the new Suzuki M1800RN. Originally shown to dealers last summer as a prototype, the motorcycle is set to go on sale in America imminently, and dealers have already been sent instructions on how to carry out the pre-delivery procedures on it.

Based on the M1800R, the M1800RN gets a less ornate headlight arrangement for a more traditional look. The leaked document reveals photographs of the headlight and instructions on how it should be fitted before the bike is delivered to the customer.

While dealers will see the new Suzuki this week, the motorcycles won’t officially be revealed to the press until next Monday, when Suzuki plans to launch no fewer than eight new models. Most excitingly, these will include the all-new Hayabusa.

The M1800RN will also be joined by the new C1800, a traditional tourer based on the firm’s 1800cc V-twin engine, and all Suzuki’s 2008 motocross motorcycles.



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Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis