Milan Show: First look at production KTM RC8 motorcycle

Published: 06 November 2007

At last KTM has shown the production version of the RC8 superbike at the Milan show – four years after the prototype was first revealed.

Compared to the 999cc prototype, the production bike’s capacity is up to 1149cc for the new “1190” engine, which now makes a claimed 155bhp.

Compared to the original concept, it features a redesigned steel trellis frame, now with a cast aluminium seat subframe to save weight, which KTM claims is under 200kg ready-to-ride.

As you’d expect from a KTM, the suspension comes from its subsidiary, WP, which has equipped the RC8 with high-end upside-down forks, mounted with radial brake calipers from Brembo, gripping 320mm discs.

The swingarm has changed considerably since the first concept version was shown. That machine had a hand-made, MotoGP-style swingarm, while the production bike has a more mass-produced appearance, although it’s still an alloy, double-sided set-up.

The race-inspired dash, which is a single LCD display capable of showing a wide variety of different read-outs, has already been revealed in KTM’s pre-publicity for the bike. It’s connected to a CAN-bus wiring loom, as used by firms like BMW, which reduces the complexity and weight of the wiring, as well as cutting down the number of fuses needed.

Initially two colour options will be offered, the ubiquitous orange, seen here, and a white and black version.

Read more details on the KTM RC8 ,one of 28 new motorcycle launches, in MCN, Wednesday, November 7, 2007.