2008 Race-spec Yamaha R6 revealed

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Yamaha has revealed the full range of race-only parts for its new, 2008 R6.

The standard 133bhp motor has been made more powerful with a host of parts designed to conform with World Supersport regulations. That means the crank and gearbox are untouched, apart from a kit to allow adjustment of the standard fit slipper clutch, stronger clutch springs and a high pressure oil pump to keep the engine properly lubed under the stresses of racing. Different gear ratios are available, but this is down to rider preference.

The cylinder head gains new camshafts with longer duration but standard lift, and new springs and cam sprockets are required to fit the cams. As standard the R6 is fitted with variable length inlet tracts to optimise airflow into the injectors at all points in the rev range, but for racing a set of fixed inlets give better outright power. Different thickness head gaskets are offered to raise the compression ratio by variable amounts, and you’ll need shorter spark plugs to prevent the piston making contact.

A racing ECU comes with modified ignition and a base fuelling map (plus the software to change it), and a cable is available to attach the bike to a computer for set-up changes. A lightweight wiring loom does away with extraneous connectors for road-going parts and a connection point for 2D Data logging kit.

The parts are only produced in three batches a year – the next deadline for ordering is January 15 2008, for delivery in late April. Order before May 7, and you won’t receive your parts until mid August. Contact Neil Dowling at neil.dowling@yamaha-motor.co.uk for more information.

Download the full race parts catalogue here




Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging