First Yamaha V-maxs hit dealer floors

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Yamaha dealer Flitwick Motorcycles have taken delivery of the first three V-Maxs in the UK, with owners hoping to pick up their new 197bhp £16,000 machines very soon.

Flitwick’s Saul Towers said: “They are the first three V-Maxs we have sold and arrived early today. We are busily putting them together with the first to hit the street later today!

"We have had them on order since MCN first broke the story some time ago and they weren't actually expected until just after Christmas so this is a nice surprise for us and the owners.

“All three have been paid for privately so the credit crunch isn't affecting all of us: £15,778 plus the road tax and licence on top.”

MCN will be group testing the V-Max very soon to find out how it stacks up on British roads and against its rivals.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter