New Honda CBF1000 not for the UK

Published: 08 December 2009

The recently unveiled new Honda CBF1000 will not be sold in the UK as it would be too expensive due to the exchange rate between the Euro and the UK pound.

The new Honda CBF1000 is a completely revamped version of the current model which manages to shake up the dull looks to match the bikes brilliant ability.

Honda has opted not to bring the bike to the UK because of the costs. It’s thought the bike would be more than £1000 more than the current £7100 for the ABS-equipped version of the bike.

A Honda spokesman said: “This is purely a cost-related issue. The current bike still sells very well in the UK market and is very much appreciated by all those who own it as a fantastic all-round motorcycle.”

The new Honda CBF1000 will be sold in Europe.