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Electric bike arrives at the MCN office

Published: 23 February 2009

MCN has just taken delivery of the new Quantya Strada - A fully road legal electric bike. Here's a couple of shots of the bike in the MCN office as we charge it up in preparation for testing.

MCN's Chris Newbigging has ridden the bike already: "It was really bizarre the first time I tried it because you turn the ignition on and nothing happens, but you open the throttle wide and it flies up to 40mph in a couple of seconds.

"It's not too sharp, though it will wheelie if you want it too. I can't wait to try it outside of the office!"

The Quantya Strada will be put up against the Kawasaki KLX250 to see which makes the best green-laner.

Would you ever consider buying an electric bike? Is this the future? What would prevent you from letting go of the internal combustion engine? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on this article.

Check back for updates and more details soon.