World exclusive shots of Ducati GS rival

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Ducati’s new replacement for the Multistrada has been spotted in action again – this time the shots are perfectly clear and show all of the details on both sides for the first time. Scroll down for some revealing shots of the new bike.

The Multistrada replacement is just one of four new models we can expect to see from the Bologna firm this year in readiness for the launch of the 2010 range according to new bike and racing boss Claudio Domenicali. 

Get the full story and full side-on pictures, snapped by MCN’s photographer,  in the January 28 edition of MCN. 

Ram-Air scoops


The ram-air scoops run from the front of the mudguard through to the airbox and look like a bird’s beak




The screen is adjustable as can be seen from the hinges on the side mounting.


Seat unit


The shape of the tank and the rear seat unit are disguised with tape and foam. The foam on the seat unit is the shaped, black foam used to protect the paint of 1098 bikes shipped from the factory.




The yellow cables running down the side of the bike are for the portable datalogging unit that logs all of the engine and fuelling performance.




The flatscreen LCD dashboard is lifted straight off the 1098.




The odd-shaped exhaust is unlikely to make production as it currently looks – most likely is that a shaped metal shroud will cover the two single pipes to clean up the looks. The silencing and catalysing of the gases is done by the large collector box under the engine.


Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter