Victory debut new models with a return to chick-on-bike marketing

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US cruiser maker Victory has launched two new model variants and attempted to renew its CORE concept bike by draping a lady over it. 

The Cross Country (half-faired) and Cross Roads (unfaired) are Harley Roadking competitors powered by 1731cc 50-degree V-twins.    

Each bike share’s Victory’s unique selling-points of a two-piece, aluminum frame that uses the engine as a stressed member, and the firm’s CORE chassis technology that ensures the bullk of the weight is carried as low as possible, for easy handling.

The avant-garde Vision and stripped-down Vegas return, the latter with a lower seat and revised ergonomics, and the Kingpin and Hammer also get new colourways and detail changes. 

The CORE concept bike, first seen in January at the New York bike show, gets a lady on top.

Via MotorcycleUSA

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter