What's next from BMW?

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Young buyers are beginning to own a larger share in the industry and with it comes changes. These buyers are more interested in something futuristic rather than something out of the 50’s and 60’s.

Sustainability is rising in mainstream awareness and has become a driving force in design. So I present SEVR, a motorcycle with a design that is focused on “New Experiences”. It’s no secret that electric motorcycles are more expensive and if we expect them to sell in large quantities they need to offer a value that a gas powered bike cannot.

SEVR has a design,powertrain and experience that is futuristic and is familiar in the race style riding position. With range being a issue for electric motorcycles a design that reduces drag is important.

Streetfighters are very popular as well and in minutes you can change SEVR into a windsheild-less evil twin. Hubless wheels bring the heavier parts of the bike closer to it’s center of gravity.

As new battery technologies arise you can swap the standard equipment out for longer range batteries. This also allows for varied models with different ranges and prices to be sold. Smart Phone capatibility uses the GPS link and a speedometer app to display all neccesary information right on the screen.

For a look at what is coming next from BMW check out the BMW-Motorrad innovation design contest at the following link- http://www.bmwmotorrad-innovationcontest.com/


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