New Honda V4 sports-tourer revealed

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Honda’s new V4 – the beginning of a ‘new breed of bike’ according to the firm – is today revealed in MCN as a 1200cc sports-tourer closely related to the concept revealed in Autumn.

The firm is still surveying potential buyers about the concept, but MCN’s scoop reveals at least one iteration of the bike is finalised and ready to roll. While it’s lost the hubless wheels and frameless look of the concept, the bike – thought at this stage to be called the VFR1200 – retains at least one revolutionary feature to justify Honda’s ‘new breed’ claims.  

That’s it’s variable-cylinder engine, which enables the rear bank of cylinders to shut down completely, leaving the bike effectively a parallel twin on light loads, which should dramatically boost fuel economy and emissions performance.

But what of the sports side of the sports-tourer equation? A truly massive beam frame – reminiscent of the first ZZR1100’s vast girders – hints at what must be approaching 200bhp potential.

You can read the full story in MCN now – including the first concrete details of where Honda goes next with its new V4 platform, what else is special about that V5-derived engine and what it means for the Blackbird and Pan-European.

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter