2010 Yamaha R6 official picture

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Yamaha has confirmed the only changes to the 2010 Yamaha R6 are a revised ECU map and a new, longer exhaust can.

The new mapping is claimed to give smoother acceleration – other wise the bike is identical to the 2008/2009 R6.

Yamaha says: “For 2010 the ECU mapping has been revised, which together with a new muffler design makes for a smoother performance curve, giving a feeling of strong and effective acceleration throughout the engine speed range.

“On the road and the race track this better drivability can be appreciated by the rider, and the feeling of smoother mid-range torque enhances the overall riding experience, making the YZF-R6 an even more desirable middleweight supersport.”

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging