VFR1200F first ride blog: First impressions of the VFR1200F

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MCN’s Andy Downes is testing the new VFR1200F in Japan. Andy is at Sugo race track right now, and has just been out riding on the VFR1200F for the first time.

‘I’ve just stepped off the VFR1200F after a 25 minute session on track at Sugo in Japan lead by ex-GP rider Tohru Ukawa – the VFR1200F is a seriously easy bike to ride.

‘It took less than a lap to get comfortable on the bike and despite the kerb weight being a hefty 267kg and the bike being fully fuelled, that weight wasn’t apparent at all. It drops into turns so easily that for the first half a lap I had to sit the bike up again a couple of times as it caught me out.

‘Don’t confuse easy with boring – the V4 motor has character and lots of grunt all the way through to the 10,500rpm redline. The engine is strong all the way through, throttle response is lovely, the ABS linked brakes have bite and feel and wind protection is excellent.

‘I was expecting more of a howling V4 engine noise but it’s flatter and deeper which wasn’t what I was thought it would be like…it still sounds very good though. Almost like an aircraft radial piston engine.

‘After such a short session the overall impression is of a bike that feels just right for the sports tourer slot it has been built for.

More to follow as I get more time on the bike.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter