Suzuki GSR750 praised by Motorcycle Live show-goers

Published: 01 December 2010

Suzuki’s naked GSR750 has borrowed its styling from Kawasaki’s Z range, according to riders at Carole Nash Motorcycle Live.

Show-goers praised the looks and colour schemes and said the new model would make a good city bike.   

Robin Adelman, 33, from Boreham Wood, Herts said: “It’s a nice looking bike. The styling is a bit like Kawasaki Zs, which is good. But then, if you wanted that, why wouldn’t you just get a Kawasaki Z?

“I’m not that keen on the exhaust. Overall they’ve done a good job with the styling, though.”

Phil Preston, 56, of Ferndale, Dorset, added: “It’s a great colour scheme in red. It’s a nice little street bike. I’m a cruiser rider but I’d like to have one of these as a second bike in my garage. I think it would make a great city bike.”