Video: See and hear the Horex VR6 run

Horex has released this video of it’s innovative new VR6 motorcycle engine running on an engine dyno in Munich.

This short video is the first time the prototype machine has been seen running. It’s short video admittedly, and the engine is only ticking over, but it gives a flavour of what’s to come from the first truly new road motorcycle engine layout since Honda’s oval-piston NR750 in 1992.    

There’s also a sound file you can download as a ringtone! (right click and select ‘save as…’)

The all-new German machine is a narrow-angle V6, but instead of two separate cylinder banks, the 15° engine contains all six cylinders in one block, with the pistons set close to each other in a staggered pattern.

By using this layout, the Horex engine is no wider than an inline four-cylinder, and is shorter than a traditional v-engine. Two versions of the engine will be offered – one with 175bhp, and a supercharged variant making over 200bhp.

Initially, a naked roadster will be offered, but there are plans for further Horex models based on the same engine, and other engine layouts using a similar design. 

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging