Great deals on new bikes as sales freeze

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Snow has been denting business for UK dealers during the current cold snap, with many struggling to bring customers through their doors. All of which means prospective buyers will be more welcome than ever and deals can be had.

Glasgow has been hit the hardest by the snow. Steven Dunbar of Motorrad Central West told MCN:  “Sales are terrible, there has been nothing for two weeks. We can’t move the van, we can’t do any deliveries. No one is around, so there is absolutely nothing we can do.”   

At the opposite end of the UK in South London, salesman Darren from Vines Motorrad said: “We lost three days of business last week, were forced to close and had to come in on Saturday to try and clear the snow. We have had about 10 inches of the stuff, and the roads have been bad. People just can’t get out.”

With firms clearly suffering, dealers have been trying to find ways to bring in business. Frasers of Gloucester say they have been “sending out more emails, more newsletters and a lot of mail, featuring offers and specials we have in the shop.”

Jack Lilley Motorcycles in Ashford has also been trying a different approach. Sales manager Kevin Hall said: “We have been welcoming the customers with a warm cup of tea, a comfy place to sit, and making them feel welcome.” Both these options sound very appealing, and are indicative of the efforts dealers are making to keep business steady flow as they struggle through.

Even with all the bad weather making people stay indoors, it’s apparently repeat business that keeps these businesses alive over the harsh winter months. Russ Clay from Stoke Suzuki told MCN: “Any sales we do have, have been to regulars.” Salesman Jim Henfrey from Grantham Honda agreed “Most of our sales are through repeat business, which means sales don’t drop.”

One dealer in Wolverhampton, Benham Motorrad, told MCN that business is so bad at the moment that even their email enquiry service is struggling with those emails they are receiving holding hope of their being a sale. Half its recent email enquiries had come from Cyprus!

So, if you can brave the cold and are in the market for a bike get down to the dealers, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Alannah Fellows

By Alannah Fellows