World first ride on hydrogen fuel cell Suzuki Burgman

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Suzuki and its British collaborator Intelligent Energy have revealed a hydrogen fuel-cell scooter based on the Burgman 125 – and MCN will be the first in the world to bring you a first ride report tomorrow.

The innovative scooter runs for a claimed 210 miles on hydrogen – four times further than battery-powered rivals. It works by reacting hydrogen and oxygen together to produce electricity and its only tailpipe emission is water.

Intelligent Energy claims the running the bike would cost no more in fuel than a petrol equivalent today, and says it hopes half a dozen or more hydrogen fuelling stations will be in operation in London by 2012.

The firms claim the fuel-cell Burgman has performance equivalent to its 125 petrol-powered sibling, but its electric motor gives it torquier perfromance from a standstill – making it a snappy as well as saintly commuter. We will see.

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter