Gorgeous new electric GP bike launches

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Italian firm CRP has launched the most conventionally sexy electric race bike yet ­ the eCRP 1.0. The bike has twin Agni motors (Agni were the firm behind last year¹s inaugural TTXGP winner on the Isle of Man) driving a single shaft. The control system is similar to TTX02 with touch panel interface and full wireless connectivity built in. The bike will start shipping in late March early April and is exclusively designed for the TTXGP 2010.

Lord drayson on unveiling the eCRP1.0 said “I’m delighted to be launching today the new CRP electric race bike, designed for exclusive use in the TTXGP race series…. I challenge other firms to develop bikes like this one ­ which allow enthusiasts to race against constructors. It’s a fantastic development…”

CRP Racing¹s eCRP 1.0 is the first e-racer to come out of Italy, and builds on over 30 years of racing experience in 125 and 250GPs and engineering partnerships with MotoGP, F1, WRC and NASCAR.

The 110mph machine will be available to TTXGP teams next year for a base price of 30,000 Euros, with technical assistance part of the package.

The firm says the eCRP 1.0, is a pure racing bike, untroubled by the compromises suffered by machines aspiring to a roadgoing production future, with easy handling and sensitivity to chassis adjustment to the fore.

CRP is the leading two-stroke tuning firm in Italy, winning the Road Racing Italian Championship and Honda Trophy in 2007 and 2009.

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter