Video: New 140bhp KMV4 engine

Motus have released the first video in a series about the development of the KMV4, the world’s first direct-injected, liquid-cooled V-4 motorcycle engine.

Motus are set to enter the market next year with their MST-01, and are tipped to challenge Honda’s VFR 1200, as MCN reported in September last year.

Developed in conjunction Katech Engines, the ‘Fire in the Belly’ video shows the design of their new pushrod, direct-injected, liquid-cooled V-4, with 40mm throttle bodies, dual overhead valves and cam-driven fuel pump, producing a minimum 140bhp @ 7800rpm. Watch to the end and you will hear the phenomenal sounding KMV4 on the dyno. 

The American firm’s MST-01 sports tourer is ‘being engineered for performance, comfort and range’ with ‘optimum rider and passenger comfort’ and will offer ‘face melting’ acceleration according to designer Brian Case. It is set for launch in 2011.

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James Sharpe

By James Sharpe