2010 Kawasaki Z1000 recall issued

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Kawasaki has instigated a recall on its 2010 super-naked Z1000 and Z1000 ABS models.

The recall has been issued because the left front brake hose can make contact with the left disc under heavy braking causing the outer rubber hose to rub and wear through to the inner fluid-carrying line. The resulting front brake failure would be catastrophic.

Kawasaki is at pains to point out only a small amount of 2010 Z1000 are affected by the recall notice, and owners of these machines will receive notification by post for correction work. Any Z1000 owners with queries on this recall should contact their Kawasaki dealer for more information, or call Kawasaki Motors UK Customer Service on 01628 856750.

Any machines affected will be repaired by an authorised Kawasaki dealer. The correction work involves either a simple 15 minute realignment of the hose, or replacement of the affected hose, which will take up to one up to one hour.

Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin