NCR Millona M16: 145kg, 200bhp, carbon-framed Ducati Desmosedici

Published: 01 June 2010

NCR is set to unveil the world’s most extreme Desmosedici road bike on June 10: a carbon framed, 200bhp, 145kg version of the already exclusive Ducati MotoGP replica.

The outrageous limited-run machine will have a carbon fibre monocoque chassis designed with a matching carbon swingarm.

The wheels and all of the bodywork will be made from carbon fibre for minimal weight – indeed, the 145kg claimed weight is 3kg less than current limit for 800cc MotoGP V4s!

The 990cc V4 engine has been on the receiving end of NCR’s extensive tuning expertise – over 200bhp is claimed, compared to around 180bhp at the wheel as standard.

NCR has manufactured it’s own titanium exhaust for the M16, and the new frame and front fairing support are designed to give the best intake tract possible.

What isn’t made from carbon is manufactured from titanium and other unspecified lightweight metals. The suspension is even higher quality from standard – the Ohlins parts to be fitted are claimed to be full MotoGP specification.

The same goes for the electronics package – traction control and telemetry are part of the GP-spec wiring loom, but unbelievably it still retains the provision to run the M16 in road specification with lights!

The NCR Millona M16 is to be unveiled at World Ducati Week on Thursday June 10 at Misano at 10am CET (9am GMT). Click back to for the news as it breaks.