Tuned, lightened Desmosedici claimed to be ‘world’s most exclusive motorcycle’

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In the world of specials, NCR already produce some of the very best. But this, the Italian firm’s all-new, 200bhp Millona 16, or M16 for short, takes things to an all-new level. 

The M16 is based on Ducati’s road-going Desmosedici MotoGP replica – already some kind of ultimate with a £40,000 price tag and 200bhp performance – and then tuned and lavished with carbon-fibre and titanium to reduce weight to an absolute minimum.   

The main component is an all-new carbon-fibre frame in place of the stock Des’s tubular steel lattice, with a matching carbon-fibre swing arm. But it doesn’t end there. The fuel tank, half-fairing, rear subframe, tail unit and front mudguard are all carbon-fibre as well – as are the wheels! 

The result is an incredible claimed dry weight of just 145kgs (319lbs)  – actually lighter than the minimum allowed weight of a MotoGP bike and 26kg less than the stock Des!

The metalwork has been uprated, too, with all alloy parts upgraded to either titanium or aircraft-grade aluminium. Meanwhile, the suspension and brakes, as you might expect, are the latest MotoGP spec Ohlins and Brembo units while the engine has been retuned by NCR themselves, although peak bhp is unchanged at a claimed 200bhp at the rear wheel.

The M16 was unveiled on Thursday at World Ducati Week at Misano and will be built to order only. No word yet on price, but don’t expect much change from £100,000…

For more info go to www.ncrfactory.com