The new Kawasaki ZX-10R: For and against

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This sketch of the next Kawasaki ZX-10R has just been released by the Japanese firm as it attempts to get both the road and racing bikes on top of the 1000cc class.

MCN’s inside sources says the bike will be a completely new take on the ZX-10R theme, with a much more compact engine, sturdier chassis, advanced electronics, completely redesigned bodywork and a longer swingarm.  

But the question is: Is the new ZX-10R a triumph of tech and engineering, or yet another 190bhp missile that has no relevance in the real world? 

For the new ZX-10R…
MCN road tester Adam Child said: “A Potential 200bhp and less than 200kg; it’s got my mouth watering! It’s not like the old bike is slow, Ryan Farquhar and Connor Cummins proved that at this years TT, Cummins with a 131 mph lap and Farquhar taking a second in the Senior.
“The old bike is so focused, out of the crate its still one of the best 1000cc sports bikes on track. World Superbike racer Chris Vermeulen has been heavily involved in the development.
“Kawasaki has always built fast sports bikes and it looks like this one is going to be flyer! Personally I can’t wait, BMW have proved what can be achieved with modern sports bikes, set a new bench mark, now its time for Kawasaki to step up to the plate.”

Against the new ZX-10R…
MCN Executive Editor Phil West said: “I may sound like a old fart but surely I’m not the only one who’s completely non-plussed by the prospect of a AN Other new £12K, whizzbag 190bhp superbike? In fact, I can’t think of anything I need less in my life than one more garish, uncomfortable, transverse-four missile that only starts to make sense above 130mph.
“Sure, it’s great for WSB, for competition, for advancing new tech, for the odd track day even. But I wish the same effort was put into real world bikes that might help motorcycling’s long term future.”

Read all the details on the new Kawasaki ZX-10R in this week’s MCN, on sale Wednesday 23 June 2010.