2011 Honda CBR600F creators speak out

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The creators of the 2011 Honda CBR600F say they hope the new bike will revitalise the 600cc market by offering riders a less extreme user-friendly sports bike.

Sales of more focused supersports 600s are down and they believe it’s because today’s riders want a more useable package.

CBR600F project leader Luca Caruso told MCN: “There are still lots of customers dreaming of a supersports bike, but they don’t want something too extreme, they want something they can use daily, and with this bike hopefully they can.”

Designer Valerio Aiello said that his main concern was striking the right balance between performance and practicailty: “We wanted to make a bike with a sporty image of course, but it had to be comfortable, could take pillions, go on weekends trips, be used day-to-day, and could also be entry-level and easy to use.”

“I think we’ve achieved that, but we hope the customer thinks so too!”

Read the full story in this week’s MCN, on sale Wednesday 10th November 2010.

James Keen

By James Keen