Ducati Multistrada 1200 owner reviews

Published: 02 September 2010

With sales of the new Ducati Multistrada outstripping all expectations, MCN thought it was time owners had their say. Is the bike worthy of all the praise?

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What's good?
- Riding position
- Smooth and powerful engine
- Comprehensive computer and convenient keyless ignition
- Handling
- Tank range

What's bad?
- Throttle hesitation between 3-4k revs (Ducati have announced a fix for this issue)
- Grips reward replacement
- Most riders use 'Sport' mode and ignore the other settings

John Montgomery, St.Neots, Cambridgeshire.
"It's the best bike I have ever owned - and I have owned a few. It's damn fast if you want it too be, but quite happy to trundle around slowly-especially in 'Urban' mode. The handling is great too.

"On the downside, it goes too quickly too easily and could be a license loser. I am not keen on having the right hand pannier cut away as it limits carrying capacity.
Thanks to: John Friedrichs, Robert Moxom, Ian Kirkwood, Ian K, John Montgomery, Mark Manning