Buell 1190RS will be seen on September 14

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Innovator Erik Buell will show off his new road-specification 1190RS superbike in some kind of teaser music video on September 14 as part of a video by ex-Queensryche band member Michael Wilton.

We’re not entirely sure what is happening but there is an announcement on the Erik Buell Racing website which links through to Rat Pak Records explaining.

There is also now a line of new Erik Buell Racing clothing including hoodies, beanie hats and T-shirts to buy.

On the website it says: “The 1190RS will be the new street bike from Erik Buell Racing. The design is currently in the pre-production and testing stage and is not yet available for public sale.

“how your support and be the very first to get your new 1190RS and new EBR logo merchandise! Check back here Tuesday, September 14th for the 1190RS “teaser”  video featuring music from Wratchet Head the new project from Michael Wilton of Queensryche.”

Details: www.ratpakrecordsamerica.com/erikbuell

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter