Kawasaki ZX-10Rs from £3875!

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Kawasaki’s certifiably-loony ZX-10R superbike has now dipped below £4000 for tidy used examples – less than a third of the cost of the new 2011 model.

For anyone who can’t raise £11,699 (or £12,699 with ABS!) to get the latest model, a trawl of www.mcnbikesforsale turns up a huge choice of used examples in great condition for sensible money.

The ZX-10R has been around in various forms since 2004, so there’s seven years of production to choose from. Naturally the cheaper examples tend to be the earliest 2004-2005 bikes, but the less attractive style of the 2006-2007 bikes means they’re often more bike for your cash.  

The cheapest ZX-10R advertised last week is some proof of this – a  2006 model advertised as ‘excellent original condition’ with just 9295 claimed miles on the digital display. It’s in black – widely regarded as the best colour for that model. It has a full service history, a new rear tyre and the owner says there isn’t a mark on it. It’s due its next service soon, but at just £3875, you can afford to spend a bit of cash in a dealer come spring time.

For more on this, see this week's MCN, on sale Wednesday 26 January 2011.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging