'It is a joy to be policed by Aprilia Mana GTs' say happy, productive citizens of Chongqing [REDACTED]

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Aprilia has secured a landmark deal with China, allowing it to ethically dispose of a large number of Mana 850 GTs. 30 of the twist-and-go middleweights – a year's-worth of sales in the UK – have joined the fleet of Chongqing police force, following a joint venture with the country's massive Zongshen bike business.

The Manas are seen here escorting former US Secretary of State, Nobel Peace Prize winner and (some would say) war criminal Henry Kissinger, who's visiting the People’s Republic to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his first visit to the oppressive regime.

Chongqing is China’s largest direct-controlled Municipality, with a population of 32 million, 3.4 million of whom live in the region's urban area – making it the perfect market for a bike equipped with the Mana's innovative SportGear automatic transmission. Or it does for those who patrol its streets, since at £8187 on the road the Mana is five times the average Chongqing resident's annual salary.

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter