KTM Freeride video brilliantly sells appeal of electric dirtbikes

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KTM has done the electric dirtbike industry a massive favour with its latest promo. The clip, which shows the lithe, ‘leccy Freeride E tearing up Barcelona from bedside to BMX track brilliantly articulates the benefits silent motive power can have.

The power of e-dirtbikes to vaporize indignation and opposition to riding from non-riders should not be underestimated. Without leaving a sneering two-stroke snarl or death-metal four-stroke blart it honestly becomes hard to argue that any of what they’re doing should be illegal. It all looks like harmless fun. Which…. It is.

There’s also an equally fab new video promoting the Freeride 350, a road-legal, ‘fun’, dirt bike powered by a 350cc single and weighing just 99kg. If this doesn’t make you want to ride a trail, text your family and let them know you passed away:

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter