New G650GS-powered Husqvarna street bike unveiled

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A new Husqvarna 650cc single-cylinder road bike has been unveiled today.

The Strada uses the engine from BMW’s G650GS. It has been shown as a ‘concept’ at the Paris motorcycle show but is set to go into production late next year.

It’s a street bike with off-road capabilities according to Husqvarna.

Official power and torque figures have not been released but Husqvarna says the engine will be ‘breathed on’ to produce slightly more than the G6590GS’s 47bhp and 44ftlb. At 170kg, it’s also 22kg lighter than the BMW.

Martino Bianchi, Husqvarna’s PR manager, said: “This is more than a concept. This concept will appear next year, maybe September, maybe earlier.

“The engine has received Husqvarna power and torque.

“It can be fun on the street but also a little bit off road.”

He said its price would be close to the G650GS’s, which at £5150 on the road is one of the cheapest big bikes you can buy.

Read our full report on the Strada next week in MCN, on sale December 7.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell