FAKE: There is no Ducati Streetfighter EVO SP

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Ducati has officially confirmed to MCN internet rumours about a forthcoming Streetfigher Evo SP with the 1198cc, 170bhp engine from the 1198 superbike as nothing more than a fake.

A screen grab of what was supposed to be 'accidental leak' of information from the Ducati website appeared on various websites yesterday but it has now become clear someone has faked the image.

Ducati spokesman David James told MCN: "There is no Ducati Streetfighter Evo SP; this bike does not exist and will not be in the Ducati model range in 2012.

"I took the screen shot sent in by MCN to the guys running the Ducati website and they confirmed the way the HTML works on the page shown could not have come from here as the way the text is laid out on the words ‘Evo’ and ‘SP’ does not line up correctly. It’s a fake."

Ducati will be unveiling a new Ducati Streetfighter very soon; it’s a cheaper and smaller capacity bike with the engine from the 848 sportsbike.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter