Horex VR6 delayed

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Despite stating at the end of February that the all-new VR6 Roadster was only weeks away from production, Horex has now stated that the six cylinder machine will not go into production until May.

The delay has come after the firm decided to fit extra emissions-control equipment to the bike.

The all-new VR6 Roadster has a series of innovations including a clever and compact 1218cc six-cylinder engine. The bike will have 161bhp and a thumping 100ftlb of torque which comes in some impressively low rpm slugs. The six-cylinder engine delivers 66ftlb of torque at 2000rpm, increasing to 74ftlb at 3500rpm.

The performance figures in the lower engine speed range are topped by a maximum 100ftlb of torque at 7000rpm.

The press release states: ‘Horex has decided to equip the new VR6 Roadster with a secondary air injection system designed to reduce exhaust gas emissions. This will ensure the new six-cylinder motorcycle meets future emission standards.

‘But the technical adaptation and additional parts will delay the production launch until the end of May 2012.

‘Except for a few pieces of the “puzzle”, all of the key components required to start series production of the new VR6 motorcycle are in stock or on their way to the Horex factory in Augsburg.

‘Nevertheless, the team headed by Horex CEO Clemens Neese has been forced to reschedule the production launch. The first VR6 Roadsters will be manufactured at the end of May 2012.’

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