Video: Horex VR6 onboard

Video shot by German magazine Motorrad has revealed the distinctive sound of the new Horex VR6 Roadster.

The VR6 makes 161bhp and produces 100ftlb of torque, delivered at low rpm – 66ftlb of torque is delivered at 2000rpm, while 3500rpm delivers 74ftlb of torque.

MCN rode the all-new 1218cc V6-engined roadster recently and said: “The 160bhp VR6 engine responds instantly to every twitch of the wrist, has a sublimely creamy delivery and yet also an ever-increasing hunger for revs as the tacho approaches the limiter at 9000rpm, all of which is accompanied by a harsh, yet unique soundscape; a new overture of engine sound composed by Horex.”

The onboard action starts at 1:50.