Milan Show: Honda CBR600RR gets a major overhaul

Published: 12 November 2012

Honda has given the CBR600RR a far more comprehensive makeover than the initially familiar styling would suggest, with suspension, chassis, bodywork and styling updates as well as revisions to fuel injection and ABS systems.

Showa’s Big Piston Fork is the biggest change to the mechanicals of the bike, aimed at preventing that big lunge of initial fork dive under heavy braking.

The frame has now been lightened in areas away from the centre of gravity thanks to feedback from racing teams around the world and combined with new lightweight cast aluminium wheels which have the same 12-spoke design as the Fireblade.

The distinctive new design of front lights and front fairing is directly inspired by the look of the MotoGP RCV213V race bike, with the lights deliberately buried in the fairing to move the weight back. The aerodynamic gains are a 6.5% less drag from the air in a normal riding position.

Engine upgrades include new fuel injection mapping - the twin fuel injectors alternate between single and twin operation, along with an Intake Air Control Valve which stabilises rpm when idling, and now covers all rev ranges for the first time.

The C-ABS system gets software updates developed from racing with ABS in the German superbike series.


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