Horex VR6 hits showrooms

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The first Horex VR6 roadsters have been delivered to dealers – a year later than planned.

An all-new German concern reviving a historic brand, the bike features an innovative 1200cc VR6 engine boasting 160bhp.

The first model was delivered last week to the Schneider motorcycle dealership in Voerde, the first of a planned 35 Horex dealers to take delivery of a demonstrator model.

Klaus-Peter Schafer, Horex’s head of sales and marketing said: “It was a really special moment, being able to hand over our first six-cylinder premiere model to one of our dealers.”

The VR6 Roadster has a series of innovations including a clever and compact 1218cc six-cylinder engine. The bike produces 161bhp and a thumping 100ftlb of torque which comes in some impressively low rpm slugs.

The six-cylinder engine delivers 66ftlb of torque at 2000rpm, increasing to 74ftlb at 3500rpm.

The performance figures in the lower engine speed range are topped by a maximum 100ftlb of torque at 7000rpm.