Kawasaki reveal two Z800s

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Kawasaki as expected has just unveiled its new Z800 at the Cologne Show but the surprise is there is not one Z800 but two.

The Z800 itself is all new and boasts multi-adjustable suspension, an uprated engine with 111bhp and 61.25ftlb of torque, it features flashier all new styling and is expected to retail for €9495 (apx £7585) when it goes on sale next year. 

The surprise addition is the more base level Z800e which is a more basic version with more spindly non-adjustable suspension, no screen and a detuned engine which puts out 93.67bhp and 56ftlb of torque.

It will be available at a much cheaper €8595 (apx £6866).

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter