Published: 21 June 2013

It looks like a moped but this electric scooter can legally be ridden by 14-year-olds with no licence, insurance or helmet, and carrying a pillion. 

The £850 Dayun Electric Tandem Bike has a top speed of 15mph and can travel 30 miles between charges.

It’s legally classed as an electrically assisted pedal cycle and also requires no road tax under law.

It weighs 58kg and has a 250W motor. The combined weight of rider and pillion must be no more than 120kg. Dayun UK said helmet use was recommended.

The BMF’s Government Relations Executive, Chris Hodder, said: “These are bicycles and therefore the BMF doesn’t really have a policy on them. Personally, if they help get young people interested in getting a motorcycle, then they are a good thing.”