Limited number of ABS-equipped Kawasaki J300s coming to UK

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Kawasaki UK has announced plans to sell a limited number of ABS-equipped J300SE scooters in the UK in 2014.

The manufacturer originally planned to only sell the non-ABS version, stating they didnt want to price themselves out of the market and wanted to gauge reaction from the public in the first year of sales.

ABS will only be available on the green and black SE version of the scooter, with the bike costing £4,499 compared to £4,149 for the non-ABS SE. The standard model, without ABS and available in silver or black, will retail for £4,049.

The J300 is Kawasaki’s first scooter for the European market and has been built in partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco. For the full review of the new J300 check out the January 22 issue of MCN, out now.

Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer