MILAN SHOW: Rocket celebrates 10 years with X model

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Triumph are building just 500 examples of the new Rocket X, which has been commissioned by the firm to celebrate 10 years since they launched the world’s largest capacity mass production motorcycle.

The bike underneath the custom paintjob has the same thumping 2294cc three-cylinder motor which has remained pretty much unchanged since the original Rocket III was launched in 2004.

The Rocket X gets a new all-black paint scheme courtesy of custom paint experts 8 Ball which has a contrasting polished metal stripe with an effect to make it look like the metal has been under a grinder. Triumph call the paint effect ‘grinded’, which isn’t even a real word.

The paintjob takes four days to complete, with multiple layers of painte being needed to achieve the unusual effect. The rest of the X is finished in black, including the exhaust, engine and a host of other usually shiny parts.

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