Launch report: Kawasaki's new J125 scooter hits the streets

Published: 12 December 2015

The launch of Kawasaki’s all new J125 scooter is happening now around the city streets of Malaga, and MCN Senior Road Tester Adam Child is there to ride it.

Kawasaki launched their first ever scooter – the J300 – only last year. Now Kawasaki have double their scooter fleet with the all new J125, an all-new single cylinder 125cc four-stroke engine which is water-cooled and produces a claimed 13.8bhp and 8.5ftlb of torque. With a claimed weight of 182kg the J125 is on the heavy side and competes directly with Suzuki’s Burgman ( £3499/159kg) and Yamaha’s popular X-Max 125 (£3799/173kg).

The J125 mirrors the attractive lines of the J300 and like the J300 comes with under-seat storage, this time enough for a single full face helmet and A4 briefcase, instead of two helmets like the J300. Additionally there’s a small glove box at the front which has a 12v accessory outlet. ABS comes as standard as does a anti temper anti-theft ignition switch

The J125 will be arriving in the UK in January and will cost £3799 for the standard model and £3899 for the special edition.  The full test report will be here soon, and in the December 30 issue of MCN.

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