Honda SFA roadster concept

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Honda will be showing this SFA concept bike at the Osaka motorcycle show in Japan this weekend alongside the CRF250 Rally machine.

This isn’t the first time the SFA has been seen; it was shown in Indonesia last year but it does suggest the Japanese firm is taking the bike fairly seriously and could well be putting it into production.

The SFA uses a 150cc single-cylinder four-stroke motor which is perfect for the market in places like Indonesia but unlikely to be of much use in the European market which needs either a 125cc or larger 300cc motor. The way Honda designs most bikes will mean any production version is likely to be able to house a smaller or larger engine without too much drama.

The frame is a mixture of a trellis front with a cast centre section, twin LED headlights and a very cool overall style. The alloy spoked wheels are particularly striking and give the bike a much larger appearance than the 150cc engine capacity might suggest.

There’s no official information on the SFA at this stage as Honda is holding that back for the show this weekend in Japan but previously the firm has stated the SFA is a “streetfighter-style lightweight motorcycle with a single cylinder engine mounted on a trellis frame”.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter